of nursing home Severović

For young people who are faced with the growing challenge of taking care of elderly family members, helping them becomes sometimes necessary, even if they would like that isn’t so. The goal of our service is meeting the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of our users, with the possibility of unlimited visits of their families.


Vacation and short-term stay

Severovic home for the elderly and disabled in Zagreb can provide temporary shelter through our program of vacation and short-term rooms.

Your loved ones will have the benefit of twenty-four hour care staff of our family home, the culinary skills of our chefs, informed social workers and various social activities. With our help, you can relax, confident that your loved one is really taken care of.


Long-term stay

Nursing home Severovic has multiple divisions. They all cooperate in providing individualized treatment designed to ensure and provide comfort and meet the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of our residents. Our staff is always there for elderly and disabled residents of our home, the constant care of 24 hours a day is guaranteed in order to make our true promise of providing a caring environment full support.



The Severović Retirement and Nursing Home provides those suffering from advanced terminal diseases and those at the end of their lives.

Our experienced team cooperates with other medical professionals to meet the physical, psychological and health care needs of our residents or their families and be with them at all times, treat those in need with due care, dignity and respect when they come at the end of their lives.

True home

Alienation, faster pace and lifestyle of young people, solitary days without talking and a sense of neglect society for an older person, result in loneliness and often depression. If you are lonely, you need professional medical help, if you can move, or if you are semi-mobile or stationary, with dementia, Alzheimer’s dementia or any other diagnos nursing jhme Severovic is an ideal place for you.

Life in retirment can be fun and happy

Day of every resident in the nursing home Severović is created according to their personal needs. Most often it begins with a carefully prepared breakfast in the restaurant at home, and after that each user chooses a schedule that is optimal for him and in conformity with his wishes and needs. Often users are in the mood for active morning schedule filled with walks, mild medical practices or individual physical therapy guided by trained physiotherapists. Those who want a more peaceful morning, read in one of the pleasant common room or drink long coffee chatting with friends on the open lookout with a view of the green landscapes of the Zagorje. After an evening meal, and rest, users spend time playing board games on one of the organized section, watching movies in the home theater or they go visit various events that are conducted in Zagreb or some of the places around the home. “Residents of the home live life happy and well-being surrounded by the community and they spend least time in their rooms. The activities are so varied and interesting that they leave no time for solitude and heavy thoughts. The community lives rich and it’s full of life, every resident of the home is a member of our big family and surrounded by a fellowship, friendship and support of all the staff and other residents of home.

The community is designed to provide customers complete cosiness and comfort and allowing them to devote themselves without any distraction! “The part of an atmosphere of the nursing home Severović told us by co-owner professional nurse, Gordana Severovic.

Accomodation of mobile, semi-mobile and immobile persons includes

24 hour medical care

Regular checkups and emergency response if necessary.


A professional team that cares about health.

Organizing transport

To the hospitals and spas in Croatia and abroad.

Physical and occupational therapy

Tailored to the needs of each user.

Continued chronic terapy treatment

Under the supervision of a doctor specialists.

The provision of services if necessary

Hair and Nail Salon, religious services, library

What’s included in our 24-hour medical care?

  • Preventive, general and special health care
  • Control of of blood pressure
  • Control of blood sugar and urine
  • Rehabilitation of decubitus wounds
  • Catheterization
  • Setting / changing nasogastric tube
  • Giving enemas
  • Processing stoma
  • Taking material for laboratory tests
  • Dignified care of the dying patients

Home for the elderly Severović

Home for the elderly and infirm Severovic is a place where we take care of the elderly in the best manner, respecting their dignity, history and needs. In addition to professional medical care and professional staff we also provide a comfortable life for elderly persons with various events, workshops and tours that fulfill their leisure time.


With us the number of users never exceeds the capacity of staff and we can receive and take care of 100 users at any time.


Entailed by the medical monitoring and emergency medical staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers.


We offer single and double rooms, each room has a bathroom, TV, telephone and air conditioning, while the kitchen is equipped according to HACCP standards.


The users of our home can freely enjoy unlimited visits of their family and friends wherever and whenever they want, and if necessary we can provide supervision.

Activities at home


We are offering to all users every day exercises, picnics, gardening, farming and dance evenings.


Board games, birthday parties, performances of artistic groups, unlimited visits.

Other activities

Various creative workshops, religious services, and activities for the each user.

Have a person who needs home?

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