Current capacity and rooms in our home

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A pleasant and stress free Care

Since our philosophy of work is focused on the care and striving for complete meeting of the needs of our residents, we are taking care special care that amount of people in our nursing home does not exceed the capacity of our staff and that every resident gets enough amount of care, respectively how much he needs.

Capacity of home Severović

Retirement home Severović still has enough capacity to receive new residents. We can take care for 100 residents at any given time, they are taken care of by our professional staff; doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers. To make a decision based on all the necessary information you can visit our home and in free consultation find out everything you want.

Type of rooms in Nursing home

Rooms are single and double. Each room has a bathroom equipped according to international standards, air conditioning, SOS system, telephone and TV connection. The kitchen of our nursing home is equipped with HACCP standards. Each room is provided with the possibility of higher medical supervision and prompt medical intervention. On the spacious living room and dining room extends 5000 m2 garden which is equipped with enriched walkways and 60 different types of plants.

What our users like about our home

Over 60 types of trees and over 100 types of flowers

The contemporary architecture of the home Severović in full function provides users with a pleasant stay and option to socialize in small or large groups. Of common areas that particular stand out is the elegant dining room and living room, booths for fun with the guests and family, library, well equipped physical therapy room and a covered lookout for vacation and socializing.
Contemporary architecture
The experienced medical team of the nursing home Severović consists of a family doctor and consultative doctor physiatrist, psychiatrist, dentist and other physicians in different specialties. They are available for any questions or concerns that users have about their health and diet, and for users who need continuous medical care we organize regular laboratory tests.

The team includes high educated nurses and carers and physiotherapists who are present in the House 7/24. The staff is trained for quick and effective response in case of a medical emergency, and they are helpful everyday in the morning / evening dress and personal hygiene of the user.

Holistic approach to health
Park of nursing home Severović is an ideal place for rest and relaxation in a real small oasis of plants, walkways and gazebos. Over 60 species of various flowers and plants planted in the garden and most of our residents are taking care of them.
Park extends to 5000 m2 and is equipped with benches and handrails that provide our users with security, and outdoor exercises giving our residents an extra value and increase of the quality of life in our nursing home.
Botanical Garden - Vacation for the eyes and soul
In the dining room of nursing home Severovic there are continuously spread pleasant smells of homemade food which we prepare under the control of nutritionist, using only the finest and fresh food, prepared by talented chefs. Users of the home have the ability to choose the daily menu, including options for those who have special dietary needs.
Smells domestic

Infrastructure, capacity and quality of accommodation

So it would be as it is supposed to be and would achieve the main guidelines of our mission and offer our residents the experience of the stay they want for themselves, in our home we care a lot about our infrastructure, capacities, the relation between rooms and residents and the quality of the accomodation itself. For this reason, we consider the management of accomodation not only as dealing with the number of rooms and beds, but also as a distribution of staff capacity to deal with each person with enough personalized care and dedication to their needs.

Have a person who needs home?

Fill out a short questionnaire and find out all the necessary information related to accommodation and conditions.